Elevate your sales with Denali

Still hand dialing? If you are, it's time to stop wasting time.

Let DialSource Denali connect your agents to the hottest leads in seconds and automate all post-call tasks with a click of a button. Cut out the tediousness of inside sales and allow your agents to focus on what really matters–quality conversations and the customer experience.

  • Industry-Leading Dialing Systems

    Whether you need to take your time and prospect or power through that never-ending call list, Denali has you covered. With Preview Mode, Preview Auto, and DialSource mode, you'll always have the perfect tool at hand.

  • Post-Call Task Automation

    Tired of manually logging calls, updating fields, writing emails and leaving voicemails for each prospect? With Denali, you can automate all your post-call tasks with a click of a button.

  • Intelligent Lead Prioritization

    Have fresh leads automatically inserted into existing call lists on the fly with intelligent lead prioritization and web engagement tracking.

  • 100% Salesforce-native

    As the only dialer that's entirely native to Salesforce, Denali provides users with maximized security, real-time data transfers, and a complete sales acceleration solution that resides entirely within Salesforce's interface.

Rated #1 in Telephony on AppExchange


See what our customers had to say...

It made us more efficient. It’s made our reps more confident. I don’t know where we’d be without them.

Phil Horn

VP of Ticket Sales & Service, Sacramento Kings

In the past 3 years, we've increased our sales by 450%, yet DS continues to keep pace with our rapid growth because of its automation and native functionality.

Michelle Mantel

President, George Street Photo & Video

Follow-up activity went from taking up to 14 days for certain leads to a matter of hours using DS. We're gaining days of lost productivity back.

Kris Duckworth

VP of Information Technology, Davinci Virtual
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